Pre-Budget Submission

In Advance of the 2020 Federal Budget

Submission Prepared for the Standing Committee on Finance

August 2019

QUEST’s pre-budget submission, which has been signed onto by Pollution Probe, focuses on the following three recommendations:

Recommendation 1. Support for Policy and Regulatory Reform. That the Federal Government augment funding for programs and initiatives which support policy & regulatory reform regarding Smart Energy Communities and low-carbon energy systems by integrating the challenge of transitioning to low-carbon energy systems into the scope of existing federal initiatives.

Recommendation 2. Support for Social Innovation. That the Federal Government broaden the scope of Canada’s Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy to include the societal challenge of advancing Smart Energy Communities, and create a Social Energy Innovation Fund to invest in initiatives that develop new community energy planning practices and methods.

Recommendation 3. Support for Community Energy Planning & Community Resilience. That the Federal Government provide stable and predictable financial resources, including green municipal bonds, as well as long-term funding to strengthen local governments’ climate and energy staff capacity. To enable local governments across Canada to both develop and implement Community Energy Plans and Resilience Plans.

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